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NANO Electronic Patients Medical Record


Posted on : Feb 09, 2019



Nano Health Suite with the beginning of the year is offering 50% discount on all services. Nano EMR is a full system for better healthcare facility management.

With NANO EMR you will:

1. Manager appointments and scheduling.

2. Have the ability to upload handouts and other documents, with a click.

3. Track Patients' medical record.

4. Manage the medical billing.

5. Submit claims within the system.

6. Control the inventory.

7. Get more than 35 ready-made forms & request customized to suits you.

8. Nano EMR supports a lot of specialties; Dentistry, mental health, family medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, chiropractic, podiatry and more...

9. Great IT support, unsurpassed service

10. User-friendly program with proper training provided by Nano team.


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